Wednesday, April 29, 2015

8 Months!

The month flew by and I was so busy that the last two posts are his monthly updates. A lot happened between 7 and 8 months. I watched him pull up in his crib to a standing position. Now, he loves to stand. If you place him in a seated position, give him about five seconds and he will be standing!

Buckner is also a talker! He has full conversations saying dada complete with facial expressions and hand gestures. At first we didn't want to say that "dada" was his first word because we weren't sure if he knew what it meant but it appears as much as he uses it we are going to have to claim that as the first. Hopefully, mama will not be too far behind!

Taking his 8 month pictures was the most challenging photo shoot yet! Now that he knows how to crawl, it his favorite thing to do. If given the opportunity, he is on the move. So when I placed him in his chair for his monthly picture, he grinned and lunged forward. After a few attempts of trying to push him back and after he almost fell off the chair (consequently making me wonder why I had him on a chair anyway), we moved to the floor. The pictures are action shots which captures this time period!

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