Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Magical First Moment

Over the last four months, there has been a handful of times when it really sunk in that we are parents. Standing in line in our Chik Fil A this Saturday morning at 9:00am I looked around at the children dressed in various Christmas themed outfits and looked over at my husband as I realized this was how we were spending our Saturday morning. We were standing in an overcrowded line with our son that I dressed up like a little candy cane elf as we excitedly waited on the first moment our son would meet Santa Claus. I looked at Ed and said, "We are really parents." My husband, who was trying his best to be patient because he really just wanted to eat breakfast already, smiled at me and said, "I know."

Ed and I are big kids so the moment the shock of finding out we were expecting dissapated we were so excited to be able to gain membership to the parent club where you get to do all the fun things with your kids. Now let's be honest. Buckner had no clue why I put him in a ridiculously cute outfit and bundled him up to go stand in a fast food restaurant.  But this mama was giddy getting to show our baby how exciting Santa can be. I actually found myself a little nervous talking to the jolly, giant elf (who was really a great Santa and actually an elementary school principal). 

However before we could even get up to Santa, the smell I thought I first smelled in the car became stronger.  Our sweet little son was patiently waiting for someone to change his diaper but had not uttered a peep in his carrier. I leaned over to inspect as we got closer to the front of line and sure enough I recognized the unmistakable smell of a diaper that cannot wait to be changed. We debated if Santa would smell it but as I lifted his legs to check his pants, his candy cane pants were not so crisp anymore. Yes, we had an official blow out to be addressed. So much for standing in line in my parental euphoria of experiencing one of those first moments because we had to move fast to not miss our place in line. I grabbed Buckner and we ran to the bathroom to do the fastest diaper change we have ever experienced. Of course, he giggled and kicked his way through it as if to tell me, "I told you I'd figure out a way to not wear those pants, Mommy!"  I found the closest matching pair of pants in his spare clothes bag which happened to be blue. Not the best match for my perfectly planned outfit but a lesson I am quickly learning is that parenthood is composed of those imperfect moments that make up the memories and stories. Just wait until I tell this story on Buckner's first date!

I made it back with two kids still in front of us and was able to hand Santa a fresh smelling Buckner. The grandfather of three (who knew Santa had grandchildren!) was so friendly and did not want to let go of our little guy. He told the children behind us to be patient because Santa was going to hold this baby for awhile.  Buckner, in his usual laidback style, calmly posed for the picture.  As we waited for the photos to print, Santa told me to make sure I bring him back next year because he loved seeing the children grow through the years.

We thanked them for a wonderful experience and finally ordered our breakfast to make all of us, including my husband, now happy, clean and fed.  We really could not have had a better first Santa visit experience. Normally Ed and I would have chosen to do breakfast at another non fast food place but this past Saturday there is no other place I would have rather been but surrounded by our other parent friends, greasy biscuits (which were delicious) and excited children anxiously waiting to see a kind man who helps in creating the magic of Christmas.

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