Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Little Gift

In the months leading up to finding out that I was pregnant with Buckner, I knew for certain that I was pregnant. We weren't really trying but every little potential moment of nausea or a slight cramp would lead me to guessing I was pregnant only to find out that I wasn't. However a year ago today, I was completely clueless that I was actually pregnant.

The day after last year's Thanksgiving began with nausea. I thought it was carsickness from a long car ride. At our family's party, I didn't really want wine. I thought I was losing my taste for wine. I was craving ranch dressing which I normally hate. I thought my tastes were expanding. I really wanted to drink a case of ginger ale which I have never been able to stand and I thought I was just thirsty.  A few days later, I passed up coffee at the Christmas Parade and chose hot chocolate instead. Coffee didn't sound good to me but I just thought I was tired of coffee for the day. My breasts were sore but I just thought I was about to start my period. I had a logical explanation for it all but the Tuesday after Thanksgiving after dying my hair (I know - good choice right?), I knew something was up. The hair dye stung so much I had to get it off my head early and I was still nauseated.

Ed went to the store to get a pregnancy test because I still wasn't convinced being pregnant was the reason I was feeling funny but Ed said he knew when I didn't want coffee since I am usually a coffee addict. And sure enough before I could finish peeing on the stick, the plus sign was showing up. I thought the test was malfunctioning but we knew - our little baby was on the way!

I had my first doctor's appointment on December 23rd to confirm the results so on December 25th we put a footed sleeper in a Christmas gift bag to tell Ed's family. We bought a gender neutral one that was 3 - 6 months size so our baby could wear it this year.  And here it is a year later and I dressed Buckner in the outfit that announced his upcoming arrival. I thought starting his first Christmas season with his outfit would be the perfect way to start a month of memory making.


Hanging out in his special Christmas sleeper

I feel like there is a lot of pressure to make your little one's first Christmas perfect. I had to refocus myself on the precious priorities of this season so that I could enjoy experiencing Buckner's first holiday season instead of stressing over perfection. My sweet baby boy doesn't care about the perfect decorations or a ton of new toys under the tree this year. He wants lot of mommy and daddy time with sweet cuddles and lots of play time. And as for treats, bring on the bottles!

I don't want to stress myself out trying to achieve the perfect Hallmark Christmas and in the midst of stress miss out on the important parts. I do want to capture memories and make the most of this first precious holiday season while starting holiday traditions of our own. I want the majority of our Christmas season to include a little bit of slowing down and enjoying quiet family moments at home sitting around the Christmas tree and just enjoying our little boy. Other memories I want to make include:

1. Buckner's first trip to see Santa Claus.
2. A Christmas Card featuring our sweet little elf.
3. Attend Christmas Eve Mass.
4. Purchase a first Christmas ornament.
5. Enjoy a peaceful, sweet Christmas morning for Buckner's first Santa Claus.

Enjoying family time at home during the Christmas season

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