Friday, December 19, 2014

Mommy Style (or lack of...)

I get it now. Motherhood opens your eyes to so many new things in life. You get to see life for the first time all over again through your little one's eyes. You get to play with cool toys because admit toys are just FUN. You get to have cuddles, love and giggles on a daily basis. You get to see what 2:00am looks like...and 3:00am...and 4:00am.  And you finally understand why moms are the target of most ambush makeovers. Today, I could be a prime example of a worn out looking mommy who is doing her damnest not to look frumpy. Currently, I am caught somewhere in between a mish mash of an attempt to look trendy in clothes that still don't quite fit right complete with a hair style that  looks like I probably slept in it even though it took 15 minutes, half a can of hairspray and about 20 bobby pins.

Before baby, I watched the intros to those make over segments where the children would be telling the hosts how much their mother does for them and how she takes little time for herself. I wondered why any self respecting mama would let herself go.  Children need their mothers to be individuals to admire!  But now I understand that, especially in early motherhood, you aren't choosing to let yourself go but the limited amount of time you have as a working mother is not assisting you in maintaining style. Your body is still weird (even though thankfully I only have five more pounds to go), you are tired and honestly you would rather play with your baby after work then bother painting your nails (or in my case, removing the week old chipped nail polish that is currently on my nails).

My mom is and has always been glamorous to me. She got up early to be completely dressed before she got me up so she could look nice while also being able to give me her complete attention. She found a great balance of taking care of herself while also being a hands on mom. Her example of taking care of herself made me question those moms that let themselves go. But mom also reminds me that when I was a baby she didn't work so I have a lot more to balance. This reminder makes me feel better about all that I am juggling but I can't let myself go too long without some style maintenance so I plan to use our two week Christmas break to recharge myself to at least look decent for the first month of January when we return!

At first I googled how to recharge my beauty routine as a new mom but quickly realized there was no secret out there but just the simple tried and true methods. Even before motherhood, I found myself needing a moment to step back and recharge. Simple things work like a long bath (maybe a glass of wine as well) with a new body wash and actually moisturizing my skin after I get out which is a rarity these days.  I need to also take a moment while my husband is playing with Buckner and paint my nails...or at least remove the hideous remnants of left over nail polish. I plan on remembering what the hair straightener does and styling my hair in something other than a frizzy bun! And lastly, I am desperate for a moment to organize my closet so that I can take stock of what I do have and what I need to purchase to refresh my wardrobe. Hopefully, I will even get a moment to exercise over the break but the least I can do is drink a lot of water...and maybe even more wine!  Even though my hair is still frizzy and I type with unmanicured, dry hands at the moment, just making this list makes me feel rejuvenated and excited to start our holiday break!

Speaking of the two week break, I am so grateful that I have a job that allows for an extended break over the holidays. I am going back to the maternity leave mindset and focusing completely on my family during this time. Therefore, I will not blog until after the New Year. Please check back in 2015 to catch up on Buckner's first Christmas and all the fun things that happened over the break. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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