Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our First Holidays

This week was the return to the routine after a much needed two week break with my family. There were so many sweet moments that marked Buckner's first Christmas and New Year's but a few moments stand out as truly special to me.

On Christmas Eve morning, Buckner woke up early at 4:00am and wanted his bottle. Usually his routine had been a 5:30 am bottle but when he wants to eat he wants to eat. So I sleepily walked to the kitchen to make his bottle and decided since I was up I would make the morning cozy. I turned on the Christmas tree lights and fed my sweet baby in the magical glow of the Christmas tree. He finished around 4:30 but instead of going back to bed, I half slept and cuddled with him on the couch. He snoozed away in my arms. Sometimes you don't realize at the time that the moment will be a cherished memory but I knew that this one would be.

Other memory making moments include the way he looked at his presents. He was 20 weeks old on Christmas Day and the perfect age for a first Christmas. He looked at everything with curiosity. It is almost as if he seemed to know these toys were for him. We opened presents slowly on Christmas morning so he would not get overwhelmed and could really enjoy each one of his new toys. My favorite moment when I got to witness him witnessing his new mobile a week after Christmas. While he napped in his crib my husband attached his new mobile. When I heard him waking up I went to check on him. He yawned and stretched and then I saw the moment when he first saw his mobile. He looked at it curiously and then looked at me to as if to say, "Look Mommy!" Then he looked back at it and back at me and smiled as if to say, "Look at my new toy!"

Also, this holiday break marked Buckner's first trip to the beach!  Even though it was January the weather was perfect. Not windy and highs in the upper 60s. We were able to walk out to the beach a couple of times and he carefully observed the waves. He didn't smile a lot while we were actually on the beach but carefully took in everything. He did fall asleep in his sling while we walked...I guess the sound of the waves calmed him. He will be a beach person just like his mommy and daddy.

Christmas Eve (before Mass which he slept through)

First Beach Trip! (New Year's Eve with family in Panama City Beach)

One year ago, on New Year' Eve we announced our little bundle was on his way. A year later, we celebrate New Year's as a family of three. Cheers to an exciting 2015 full of beautiful firsts!

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