Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Talk

Each week we encounter new phases and developmental milestones. Just when you get a routine established, Buckner decides to change it. Not that we are complaining because we aren't the type of people who likes life to be the same everyday. Our little boy is not disappointing by making sure we keep things interesting around our house.

Early on after delivering him, I read that you can recognize what your baby wants by the variations in their sounds. I found this perplexing and wondered if I was a bad mother because all his crying noises just sounded like, "Waaaaaah" to me. But I started to listen closely and even though Buckner has yet to speak an official word yet, he does communicate.

"I am hungry"
First, we get a few warning signals when he is saying feed me. He starts out with a few short, crying grunts. At this stage you can distract him for about a minute before he gets angry and the grunts turn into full wails. Our baby seldom cries unless he is hungry but when he is hungry he has about a minute of patience and nothing will satisfy his cries until a bottle is popped into his mouth...then all is well with the world (and once again quiet).

"I am tired"
A new phase is trying to fight sleep and he communicates fatigue  both verbally and physically. He wimpers and cries a little out of frustration. He tries to move his body to stay awake and recently started to hit and rub his eyes with balled up fists. The cutest thing he does as he drifts off is scratch his head with both hands. Those little scratches become slower as he drifts off and there are just hands left by his head when he is fully asleep.

"I don't want to do tummy time."
Screams. Pure screams. Although lately he is getting better at tummy time which is good because we have to work on his flat head.

"I have a tummy ache"
This communication can often be mistaken for "I am tired." He will squirm and push his stomach up while he arches his back. He will become calm for a minute but the best thing to do is make a run for the gas medicine.

 "I am happy"
This one is easy and thankfully happens a lot. He smiles and giggles all the time. But when he is really excited and happy, he will squeeze his shoulders up and turn his head to one side like his whole body is happy.

The most exciting thing he has done lately is pronounce some syllables that sound like "Ma Ma." I know he is most likely unsure of what those syllables mean but I love hearing the sound!

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