Friday, January 30, 2015

Sweet Innonence

The other night while I watched Buckner flash his sweet smiles at his daddy while we fed him, I was once again overwhelmed with emotion. My sweet baby only knows kindness and love. I have thought on many occasions at this time in his life, Buckner has never once experienced a harsh word, humiliation, bullying, unfairness, or cruelty. I love that for many more months to come we get to shelter him from anything or anyone unkind.

I know it can't always be this way and I fear the day someone hurts my little boy's feelings. I already worry about that unavoidable day when someone picks on him. I know I won't be able to protect him forever but I hope that he will learn from us that most people are kind and loving. I want him to know that life is so good and sweet. I plan on teaching him to forgive the ignorant, bully types and help him develop a deep wisdom that when people say things that hurt they are motivated by a deep pain inside them. I pray that we can instill such a strong confidence in him that when he encounters cruelty he is able to believe in himself and the value he brings to this world.

I pray that we can teach him to always talk to us if something is bothering him and never to retreat to a silent world where feelings are hidden. I want to teach him compassion for others and along with that compassion instill a giving spirit. I pray that we model in our behavior acceptance of others without judging what we don't understand. Most of all, I hope we always let the love of God show through our actions so he too can have that light in his eyes. After the innocence of today fades, I pray that joy, laughter and love endures. I love our sweet, happy boy and today I will quiet my worries and simply be grateful for his untouched innocence.
Love his joy!

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