Thursday, January 8, 2015

You know you love being a mommy when.... don't notice that you are still wearing spit up...hours later don't mind your baby waking up at 2am and 3am and 4:30am because that means he is still breathing! haven't shopped in months for yourself because you are spending all your money on yet another cute teeny, tiny outfit

...your cell phone ran out of storage because you have a ton of pictures of your baby and refuse to delete any of them even though you have printed and facebook copies

...your facebook features a daily picture update

...everything he does is picture worthy especially sleeping like a pudgy, little teddy bear research all things baby development tell your friends for the 100th time how he rolled over this morning, grabbed his pacifier, smiled, etc.

...the best part of your day is picking him up at the end of the day after work and seeing him smile when you walk in the room!

Life is so good as a mommy!

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