Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Changing Time!

I lost all my baby weight and then some. I wish I could say it was due to an impressive commitment to working out and healthy eating but I would be lying to at least some degree. However, I do get a lot of exercise these days, I just don't know if it counts as a traditional cardiovascular activity.

One of my more grueling work outs these days is diaper and clothes changing time. Buckner is small but mighty. He especially likes to show his strength and determination on the changing table making it the place we start the process but rarely where we finish. Diaper changing usually starts with a happy Buckner until I lay him down on the table. As soon as he back touches the pad, he immediately gives good meaning to his name as he begins to buck up his back and scream. He tries to inch his way off the table and has almost accomplished it several times but luckily I have mother superpower  fast reflexes these days. No matter what silly song I sing, how I try to trick him or what I use to distract him, if Buckner doesn't want to be on that table Buckner will not be on that table.

I have successfully distracted him a few times by asking him to "help" me by holding the bright yellow tube of Boudreaux Butt's Paste. Unfortunately, that had to stop when he stuck it in his mouth. While the tube never opened, there is just something that grosses this mama out about her son sucking on butt paste. I also tried the floor. He didn't scream. He loved being changed on the floor.  I should say not being changed because as soon as I got his diaper off, the little booger crawled away. Mamas of baby boys know that letting your baby boy crawl around with a bare baby booty can mean a wet disaster fast!

Therefore the changing routine has now become my quick calorie blasting activity. First it involves wrestling my unbelievably strong baby long enough to get his diaper off and put on a new one while on the table. This change instantly increases my heart rate because I have to move at a Kentucky Derby level speed. His cries make me break a sweat because no mama wants to hear her baby cry. In one minute, my body reacts as if I have already worked out for 30 minutes. Then the next phase is to lift my now 20 pound chunk up and over to the crib. This is the strength training portion of my work out. Next, my baby has to be convinced to let me put clothes on him which involves dancing around to make him happy all while wrestling him while in the crib. I am only 5'2" so this also involves some pretty impressive gymnastics while I lean over the crib which is now at the lowest setting to put his clothes. My flexibility and stretching portion of my workout is now complete.

So there you have it...cardio, strength training and stretching all in five minutes. It is what I like to call the new busy mama get your body back plan!  The best part? I have a happy baby to pick up and cuddle after it is all done which is better for the heart than any work out routine!

Mid workout!

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