Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buckner, The First Three Months

The best advice I received right at the beginning of my maternity leave was the advice Jenna Bush gave Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show. Jenna said to let everything go during maternity leave so you can just sit and hold your sweet baby. I did just that. I had all these grand ideas of the things I would accomplish during my leave but quickly decided that I had one grand thing to focus on: my sweet baby. Housework was abandoned, writing was stalled and organization (always on my to do list) was left as it was while we bonded.  After I returned to work, I carve out moments of true quality time with my little man (more on baby/daycare balance later).  Lots of people say how quickly time flies but these first three months have not felt too fast to me. Not because I am not having fun but just the opposite. I feel as if I have accomplished immersing myself into each precious moment. I am soaking up all the fun and cherishing every minute. The rest of my life is a blur but my moments with Buckner are clear. 

September 7, 2014: Month One. Buckner developed a love for his pacifier early in life as in seen in this picture. He could roll from tummy to back in an effort to avoid tummy time and he started to smile early (around 4 weeks). He was born with a head full of hair but quickly started to sport the old man look as seen in this picture due to cradle cap.  He came here as a content baby only crying when he was hungry, gassy or needed a diaper change...wouldn't anyone?

October 7, 2014: Month Two. I returned to work on October 4th on a partial schedule. He went to Sassy's (my mother's house) for the transition. His happy personality came out even more in month two. He began babbling and smiling even more. He still loves his paci and this picture was snapped quickly because his paci had just been taken.

November 7, 2014: Month Three. Buckner is a happy baby that still only cries when he is hungry or needs a diaper change. His hair is coming back and he is growing and strong. In month three, he is a champion at tummy time. He loves to talk and smile as well as laugh. He can roll from back to side and almost completely over to his stomach. He started daycare on November 3rd and loves his friends and teachers. Mommy on the other hand still cries when she drops him off!

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