Monday, November 24, 2014

Mother: Synonymous with Worry

Buckner has a stuffy nose. That is it...just a stuffy nose.  However, I laid awake all night last night listening to him breathe. He was breathing so loudly it was easy to hear but what scared me was the occasional cough that sounded like he was getting choked up on post nasal drip. Sorry for the ick factor here but now as a mommy my ick tolerance is quite high. Anyway, he still sleeps in his rock and play so he was at an incline but I was so afraid he was going to aspirate. So I barely slept as I listened to my baby boy breathe.

This morning I sprayed some saline nose spray in his little nostrils before he was able to turn his head away from me. He cried at me as if he was fussing at me for waking him up in such a mean manner.  But all was well in his little world when I quickly followed the saline spray with a bottle. All was well in his little world. I, however, grew increasingly more worried as I listened to him trying to breathe as he ate. His appetite was fine, he did not have a fever and his eyes were bright and alert but I worried. My husband immediately noticed I was worried so he googled what to do in an effort to make me feel better. I know his internet search was done to make him feel better as well because he worries too but he stays calm for us which I appreciate.

The internet said we were doing everything we were suppose to do but I still wondered when do you do home remedies versus running to the doctor. I don't want to run him to the doctor and expose him to a waiting room full of germs if isn't necessary but I don't want to not take him if he needs it. We are doing the saline and the aspirator. Tonight we will add the humidifier and we will continue to carefully watch him. I am thankful we have the internet for information along with my mother who calmed me down by reminding me she still worries about me after 36 years!  As I dropped him off this morning, his daycare teacher (who is AMAZING) comforted me as well telling me I was doing everything I was suppose to do and he will be fine.

I returned at lunch today to check on him and to give him some more nasal saline spray. When I arrived he had just woke up from a nap and was happily lying in his bed playing with his feet which are his new favorite toys. I picked him up for some serious cuddling and his teachers said he was doing great. I noticed only a touch of stuffiness so decided against angering him with a blast of nose spray. According to one of his teachers, he had been busy all morning playing and scooting.

Facebook is always a great source of community among mothers. I put the issue as my status this morning and received immediate feedback for support as well as suggestions. Below are some suggestions if you are a mommy up late googling about your little one's stuffy nose.

1. My doctor told me about two months ago that their little nasal passages are so small that they tend to easily stop up but nothing is wrong unless accompanied with other symptoms. He told me use to nasal spray. A friend on Facebook reminded me of this medical advice this morning.

2. A hot shower can help loosen up the stuffy. Turn on the shower and allow the bathroom to steam up. Carry your little one into the steam (not the shower) of the bathroom.

3. A humidifier keeps the air moist and with the recent weather change, we have been using our heat which has probably dried out the air in our house a bit more.

4. Allow them to sleep in an inclined position. He won't sleep in anything but his rock and play which is at an incline. However, we will have to make a transition soon because he is growing too large for the rock and play....sleepless nights ahead!

5. Take your little one to the doctor if he is younger than three months or if he is running a fever, not wanting to eat and the mucus is dark yellow or green.

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