Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mommy Nutrition

"When the baby gets here, you will be so busy you will forget to eat and the baby weight will just fall off."

My response to that well meaning piece of encouragement and support was, "Yeah right. I have never once in my life forgotten to eat."

Fast forward to 16 weeks post pregnancy and 42 pounds of the 50 I gained now gone.  I lost about 30 in the first month. I will contribute the initial fast weight loss to breastfeeding (which I no longer do...long story for another post) and getting very ill with mastitis which took away my appetite. However, now I am completely healthy but busy and preoccupied with my little man making my nutrition fall to last place on my priority list. While eating in large quantities went away with pregnancy, eating unhealthy has stayed. I am not taking in too many daily calories but they are empty calories. This once nutrition nut now grabs whatever is available which often is sugar. Not good.

I realized the other day that this mommyhood thing is a marathon and in order to be a good mother and a good life example for Buckner, it is time to start putting my healthy habits back into focus. I have 8 more stubborn pounds to lose, some energy to reclaim and relaxed muscles to tighten up. Thankfully I have never been one who could just eat what she wanted and stay on the thinner side so I know what to do and how to get my body back into shape. Getting and staying healthy isn't new to me. Hopefully, I can lose a few more pounds during the next month instead of gaining the holiday weight. I will keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire a few other mommies by posting a few of my weight changing and health gaining tips each week until I reach my goal weight. I believe losing weight and maintaining health require implementing habits you can stick with throughout life. No weird crash dieting or crazy work out routine, just the basics here but it works!

This week I will focus on: 
Drink more water!  I use to drink 10 to 12 glasses a day with no problem. Now I forget to drink water which is something I did not think would be possible. I notice a difference when I am not hydrated therefore my focus is back to the 10 to 12 glass a day habit.


Weight Loss: 42 pounds post pregnancy 

Bad Habits: Eating too much sugar and gluten which hurts my stomach, not exercising, not drinking enough water, not planning healthy meals

Good Habits: Portion control is in check

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