Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mommy Worries Continue: Buckner's First Cold

Buckner slept from 7:30ish last night until about 5:20 this morning. Mommy did not. This was not the first time that he made it all night without a nighttime feeding. He has slept an entire night three times in the last two weeks. I guess we are now entering that magical time of sleeping through the night. Although I know that can change back as we hit more developmental milestones.

While Buckner snoozed, he also snorted and coughed his way through the night. He never woke up but I laid there beside his bassinet and worried. So worried, in fact, that I jumped up and turned on the lamp every time he coughed. I thought he was strangling. But as soon as I turned on the light I realized my baby was snoozing through it all.

I have a hard time sleeping through the night when he is healthy because I worry he won't make it through the night. No reason to have that completely illogical worry except for the fact I get a new mommy pass which means I can worry about anything and everything ad nauseam. Yes, 16 weeks in and I actually set my alarm clock for 2:00 am to wake up and check on him in case he does not wake up. What level of paranoia does that qualify me for? Most parents love to get a full night's rest and yet I wake myself up on purpose. My paranoia only intensified last night as my congested baby coughed through the night.

Last night the alarm was not needed as I laid there next to him listening to every sniffle and cough. Even though we slept under a humidifier and continued with the nasal spray the stuffy nose progressed to a congested cough. He did not seem to be too bothered but he was a little less smiley after his morning bottle. He finished his bottle like normal and did not have a fever but I still called the doctor.

Our doctor and his nurse are both so comforting and informative. I was told we were doing everything right and unless his fever goes above 100.5 to keep him away from the clinic because the flu is just sitting in their waiting room.  Doctors orders included:

1. Saline spray. You can't overuse it according to the doctor. Your baby will, however, hate you for it.

2. Sleep under the cool mist of a humidifier.

3. Vicks vaporub on his chest and his feet. Cover his feet with socks.

4. We must take his temperature rectally. Fun! I thought we were going to get away with just using the under the arm method. So this fearful mommy asked for instructions on how to take his temp in such an invasive way and I will now pass on this wisdom to you. Lubricate the digital thermometer with vaseline and stick the thermometer in just far enough to see the digital thermometer start to move. The nurse said I may have to squeeze his little butt cheeks together. My poor, poor baby has no idea what is in store for him later!  I don't think he has fever but we have to check to make sure. If he has a fever of 100.5 we have to go to the doctor because of his age. Let's hope his first cold just stays in the stuffy and congested category!

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