Thursday, July 16, 2015

Birthday Party Prep

"Have you started planning your baby's first birthday?" Another new mommy asked me that question last weekend...five weeks away from Buckner's first birthday. I hadn't only started planning, I had been thinking about his first birthday party since probably January. I had been forcing myself not to really start planning it until the beginning of summer because I did not want to rush the year away. But once May hit, the party planning "officially" started. I started a Pinterest board then made a private one for his birthday party so guests will be surprised. Yes, I have gone a little crazy with the first birthday excitement but I go crazy with all things Buckner because being a mom is just plain fun and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Realistically speaking, working a full time job plus evenings filled with quickly doing household chores to maximize my baby and family time means very little time for party planning. A year into this mommy lifestyle I realize that everything takes five times longer than what it use to take so I knew starting off way in advance, I could enjoy the process and not feel rushed.

The party planning process starting by stalking other friend's Facebook pages to see what they had done for their one year old as well as gathering ideas on Pinterest. I asked other mother's for tips and then created my theme and plan. The theme is Music because Buckner loves music and loves to dance and the party will be decorated in primary colors.

While I love the idea of being crafty, I am not one to do so. However, I am determined to have a personal touch to my son's party so I am actually attempting to make a few items. Below is a sneak peek of the beginning of his high chair decoration. I am saving a lot of money going the DIY route and having so much fun. For the high chair decoration, I am using ribbon purchased at the Dollar Tree and cardstock and twine purchased at Wal-Mart. The cardstock will also be used in his birthday banner. .

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