Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Responding

"If you respond to his every cry, he will be spoiled." I am sure many of us have heard the outdated advice several times throughout mommy-hood. Whether it is well meaning or patronizing, I disagree with it. I think sometimes as humans we just repeat things simply because we have heard them a lot throughout our life. I hate clich├ęs for that very reason. It gives a person the opportunity to not think about what they are saying.

In my opinion, thinking you can spoil a baby by giving them love, affection and reassurance is crazy. Spoiling is not the result of too much love. Spoiling happens later in childhood by being too permissive in your parenting but never by responding to their cries or need for affection. In fact, research (and yes I do love some good research) shows that just the opposite happens. By responding to them, you are creating a strong bond and trust. This trust can then later in life make parenting more effective and actually aid a parent in raising a empathetic, well adjusted and secure little individual. So "spoiling" with love? Yes, I believe I will "spoil" my little one.
Love meeting my happy little man's needs!

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