Monday, July 6, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Leftovers Will Be Your Best Friend!

Today starts the new series, "Mommy Mondays." Each Monday, I will post a new tip, antidote, recipe, etc. I would love to hear your feedback and your tips as well!

I have learned that while I love a home cook meal, I do not like to cook that meal on a Monday after a busy day at work. I want to come home and be able to see my family, play with Buckner and not feel rushed. I have learned that days when I have made enough food the Sunday before for our dinner to have leftovers for Monday makes me the happiest. I have also learned that any time I cook during the week to try to cook enough for left overs the next day so that every night is not a cooking night. Quality time with the little man after a long day at daycare is so important so cooking with a more efficient mindset makes most evenings less rushed and more peaceful!

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